Hot Tub, Pool, Hot Tub, Pool, Beach

Vacation mode is setting in and we’re finally getting acclimated to rest and relaxation… which means for the good chunk of the day we lounged in the comfort of our private in-ground pool and hot tub.  Explaining to Zach how the Romans used to behave, he quickly embraced that lifestyle and worked on his body circulation all morning (and a good chunk of the early afternoon) transferring between hot and cold water temps in the tub and pool.  

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The afternoon brought a scenery change to none other than… the beach.  More sun, sand, and swimming.  We walked up to the end of the public beach to where the pelicans rest and the sand dunes lie amongst unspoiled land.  Oh yeah, a little sneak up the lifeguard chair was in order for a photo op as well!


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One thought on “Hot Tub, Pool, Hot Tub, Pool, Beach

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