The London Journey Begins


We arrived at Dulles International airport FOUR hours prior to our flight on Thursday, two if which were spent at the Air Cargo facility checking in the three kitties. (that could be a whole other blog post but we’ll spare the details)  Thank goodness we were early, becasue the process of standing in line in mayhem (aka. United ticket counter), going through security, and riding the people mover over to the departure terminal, we made it to the gate within 20 minutes, YES 20 minutes, before our flight departed at 1805!!!!   Getting settled into our “economy plus” seats (surprisingly they were quite roomy) the flight attendants must have known we needed some extra TLC and medicinal spirits to relax our nerves.  (it also helps when a former flight attendant strikes up conversation with a current flight attendant!! 😉 Five Amaretto’s later we were cruising the smooth sky’s and on our way to good ol’ Blimie.

Krista listened to Adelle and a Ken Lewis audiobook on “Eveything you never learned about American History.”  Ray listened to an awesome Andrea Bocelli live in concert cd and then watched a cool documentary on the Doors — the making of the L.A. Woman album.  Zach watched Phineas and Ferb and then Journey to Mysterious Island 2.  He fought sleeping for some time and finally gave in.  The flight was just about 7 hours on the nose and we safely landed at London Heathrow at 0605 local time.  Brrr…it’s chilly here….. Welcome to the U.K. 🙂Image

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One thought on “The London Journey Begins

  1. barbara brennecke

    Love the photos and story about your first day. You an execellent writer

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