Let the Theater Experience Begin

One of our favorite things to do (in any city) is go to the theater.  Whether it be musicals, plays or concerts, Ray and I love a good show.  Hello, London, here we are!  Last week I found a great Groupon deal for “The Lion,The Witch, and The Wardrobe.”  Having just finished the book with Zachary, we just couldn’t pass it up.  The only catch was that it was for this weekend only.  Heck, why wait and pay full price when we can jump right into the theater scene our 3rd day in the city?  We headed down to the Kensington Palace Theater in Kensington Gardens and enjoyed an extremely well done production–fifth row! Zach’s eyes did not leave the revolving 360 stage once and as a bonus we even got free drinks and a program with our groupon tickets.  Afterwards, we snapped a few shots in front of Kensington Palace (Princess Dianna’s former residence) and roamed around the gardens for a bit.  A couple of old ladies enjoyed watching Zachary roll down the hillside.  We took in all the sights from the atop the double decker red bus on the way home and enjoyed a delicious barbeque and lovely evening with our new neighborhood friends, Kate and Simon.

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