Ray’s 19th Anniversary of his 21st Birthday

Well, it happened.  Ray is officially over the hill!  (And I’m not too far behind him)  It’s really hard to believe that he is 40.  I mean, we were in our 20’s when we met!  Has time really gone by that fast? Yes it has!   I was racking my brain as to how to make this one a memorable birthday.  After all, we are in a brand new country, don’t know too many people for a big birthday bash, and heck…we only have four plates to eat off of in the kitchen!  So while I drummed up a surprise plan for Sunday, I also decided to make it into a weekend of surprises and celebration.  Zachary was in sports camp for the week, so it was a perfect opportunity to sneak down to Leicester square to the half price ticket booth for theater tickets.  ‘Those who visit us…this will definitely be a place we”ll recommend you to go. Show up the day of, or in my case, even the week before a show, and this official half price booth will sell you tickets at, well, HALF the price that the theater is currently selling them.  It’s very similar to the half price booth in NYC.   I was able to get $90 2nd row seats to WE WILL ROCK YOU for $45 each.  Pretty good deal!   Throughout the week in the evening, Ray would be searching the web for theater tickets to that show, but each website was more expensive than the other.   I acted quasi interested in his query, but suggested to him that perhaps we should check it out later in the year when the summer crowds die down…;)

Friday evening afternoon arrived and I decided to let Zachary in on the little secret, knowing that it would be far less difficult to hold in the surprise for one night versus had I told him at the beginning of the week.  As a result, Saturday morning came VERY early, as someone was very excited to jump in bed and give daddy his present. Ray was quite surprised indeed and we had a great day (matinee show) at the Queen tributed musical.

So as far as Ray was concerned, that was it.  That was his “ROCKIN” birthday.  Little did he know that I had secretly made plans for our dear  friends Selina and Paul to come over to the house on Sunday to celebrate at a local pub for lunch. (YES, HE WAS SURPRISED.)   He also didn’t know about many of our wonderful family and friends sending him personal notes and photos to be included in this music video he viewed on Sunday afternoon.  Thanks again for all those who participated and sent him good wishes.  We are grateful for all the special folks in our lives!  May the next 40 years be even better.

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One thought on “Ray’s 19th Anniversary of his 21st Birthday

  1. Luke Brennecke

    Another WONDERFUL blog!. Great 40th Birthday Surprise!

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