Let’s MOVE!

No I’m not talking about that kind of move.  (and hopefully won’t be for another three years!!!) I’m talking about the “Let’s Move”  fun day event that was held 3 weeks ago at the U.S Ambassadors residence  to celebrate the Olympics.  With the Olympics over but the Paralympics starting next Wednesday, London is still very much in GAME MODE.  So in the spirit of the games, I had fun making a music video from our full day of awesomeness.

Let’s get this straight right now.  Regardless of any political views for or against the Obama’s, I have to say that  the July 27th “Let’s Move” event (inspired by Michelle Obama’s platform to stamp out childhood obesity) was an incredibly enjoyable time!  More than 800 British and American kids partied hard in the pristine lawn of our U.S. Ambassador Susman’s backyard!  As you will see from the 9 minute music video, there was a FLURRY of activity to say the least.  I won’t write anymore, because A) It’s 2am and I should really be asleep and B) The videos are pretty self explanatory–lots of fun!  (Oh, but as you are watching the Today show video (2nd link), pay careful attention to the shuffling around in the far right corner of the screen about half way through Al Roker’s interview with Shawn Johnson.  Yes, that would be our son jiggling his way into the camera shot and waving away!  I guess the apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree 😉  Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the 3 videos below 🙂  —***Note:  The first YouTube video below only properly loads from a computer, not an iphone or ipad.




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2 thoughts on “Let’s MOVE!

  1. Dude

    Great report on another memorable experience!

  2. Suelynn

    Let’s move London was fantaco! Entertaining and wonderfully put together.
    Another great one to read and watch.

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