Thanksgiving with Family

Once again, it’s a month later than the actual month I’m blogging about.  This time, we find ourselves in mid December as I’m just getting around to blogging about Thanksgiving.  Ahh, better late than never.

We had an absolute fantastic first Thanksgiving in London, mainly because we had out first set of visitors!!!….Mom and Dude, aka, Barb and Luke or… Mita and Gopa, as Zach affectionately calls them.  Arriving on Wednesday, November 21, the day before Thanksgiving, one would think that the new visitors would be able to get deplane in London after an overnight flight from Baltimore and come back to our home for a two-three hour power-nap.  NOT THE CASE!  When they originally gave me their flight info, I wrote down that they were arriving on Tuesday.   Early in October,when I was wondering about the West End one afternoon, I excitedly picked up five tickets to see the critically acclaimed musical, “Wicked” for none other than the Wednesday November 21st afternoon matinee!  I figured that by then, our house-guests would be well-rested and ready to set out on the town since they were arriving the day before…….OOPS!

So it turns out that Mita and Gopa arrive at 9am on Wednesday morning.  As I had never driven to the airport in rush hour traffic before, we thought it might be best to have an experienced driver pick them up at the airport.  They arrived at the house by 11am and we had nearly two hours to welcome them to the neighborhood, show then around the house, and wallaa…No rest for the Wicked…. LITERALLY! ha  It was off to the critically acclaimed musical, “Wicked”…..I must say, they were real troopers.   Not only did we not see any peepers closed during the performance, but they were willing to venture out for dinner after the show!  (A spectacular show of music and costumes indeed…anyone who sees this show, however, will never look at the original Wizard of Oz the same again!)

The following day was Thursday…time to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012!  It was nice to not only have mom and dad visiting, but also 4  local British friends over to celebrate none other than the pilgrims successfully leaving this land to find a new life in America!   How ironic 😉  We got a lot of laughs out of the irony and our British guests were actually very intrigued about the history and story of the pilgrims landing in Plymouth.

Friday was more a less a day of relaxation, saving up for a night of a private tour of the Tower of London for the Ceremony of the Keys…a tradition of locking up the Tower of London that has taken place on each and every night, without fail, for 700 years.  Ray was able to use his work contacts to hook us up for this special tour.  Not only were Barb and Luke able to join us for the tour, but Ray was able to get two extra tickets for our good friends Simon and Kate, who just happen to also be our neighbors!  It was a fun night of touring the Tower, witnessing the ceremony, and enjoying the company of one another while having a few drinks in the private Yeoman Warders Club–interesting note:  The men are NOT ALLOWED to even step foot in the bar unless they have a coat and tie on.  Good thing Ray, Luke and Simon got the memo!

Saturdays big highlight was heading downtown for a magical mystery tour of the city on Professor Quantim’s Magical Bus tour.  It was a fun, quirky, way of seeing the major sights of the city in the freezing cold sunless temps of London (luckily it wasn’t raining!) It kept the young audiences entertained and us over the hill ones happy as well!  Barb and Luke quickly became pros at navigating their way around  London on the underground tube system.  One thing is for sure….you don’t find many elevators down there so everyone was hard at work exercising their calves.

I honestly can’t remember what we did on Sunday.  ??

Monday was the last full day of Mita and Gopa’s all too short visit.  Although Zach’s class was back to school after Thanksgiving break, we decided that grandparents don’t get to visit everyday, so Zach played “hookie” and we ventured out of the city 90 miles to Warwick castle.  Warwick is one of our favorite medieval castles to visit built by William the Conqueror in 1068.  The neat thing about Warwick castle is that you can come back anytime during the year and they always have different themes, battles, shows, and live entertainment.   This visit we saw a great presentation on Birds of pray and ancient weaponry.  We have a year family pass that we bought over the summer when we arrived.  With the purchase of our annual pass, we received 16 free visitor entry tickets to bring guests.  Who wouldn’t love Warwick castle?!?

Tuesday morning came all too fast and it was off on the school bus Zach went at 7:15am.  With lots of hugs and kisses Mita and Gopa bid Zach farewell as he did the same to them.  It was a great visit–our first visitors in London.  We can’t wait to welcome more.  Come on over!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving with Family

  1. Suelynn

    Hello family..knowing what lengths that you guys go to for visitors to have an enjoyable vist,
    it comes as no surprise to me that Mita and Gopa had such a fun time.

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